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Been bodyboarding/surfing since 85. Run www.jerseybodyboarding.com Would rather internet forecast/web cam sites had never been invented, but hey if you can't beat them join them
backlit barrel beach break bodyboard bomb cold glassy heavy hollow reef break slab wipeout
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Vazon Bay - Beach - Guernsey
Thurso East
Skail Bay Right
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Spongerdudette2142 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I go quite a bit onto your website and have a look at the bb shots, they're really good :)
Colin C2107 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi ya, sorry only just noticed your comment. Cheers for comment, been a different kind of winter this time around (for the better:), so haven't been able to get as many shots up on the site as usual. Have a revamped site on the go, just testing at the moment, but hopefully go live in next few weeks. Cheers
Spongerdudette2142 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hello, Magicseaweed have graciously offered a deal in order to allow Sqirl back on the threads. What is proposed is that 50 users email general@magicseaweed.com and ask for his return, he will then be reinstated with his profile. If you could do that/want him back then please do. One more thing, please don't mention this on the image or news threads as this will break the terms of the deal. Cheers!