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'I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world.' -Albert Einstein
backlit beach break sunset wipeout
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CarpeWave2127 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Nice shots! I want to ride and shoot Hossegor so badly! Really a magical place.
401971 days ago -4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
then you should pack your bags and hop the pond, it's just gonna get really good soon. suckiest peaks are always crowded with water photogs when those spots are on, but more the merrier. it always helps if you bring some talent with you.
kennydalglish2201 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hello 40. I'm really interested in using one of your shots for a personal project i've got going (making my downstairs bathroom into a stand-up barrel - it's the closest I'll ever get to the real thing unfortunately). Would you be interested in selling me a high res digital version of the Teahupoo panoramic barrel shot, or any other panoramic barrel shots you've got ?
402143 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hi kenny, sorry for a late answer, i never check these messages so this is a lucky shot. e mail me timojarvinenshots@yahoo.fr, so it'll be easier to talk about your project.
Captain Kid2401 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Just had a close look at your work, and although I'm pretty sure that you don't need it pointed out, I wanted to say that you have one of the most impressive portfolio around... Awesome images.(I really do appreciate how many poundings you've suffered over the years to get that good) Thanks for sharing your views.
401971 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
thanks a lot for nice words. poundings are part of the program, you just can't avoid them. hats off to the surfers who have a go, after all they push us to go deeper and they do get lickings of a lifetime every now and then when they follow our screams to go when it's not always actually advisable.
Tony Plant2678 days ago +16 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hi 40, "nah, just a camera and a pair of vipers", thats a great answer, i have an idea and would like to talk with you about it, looking forward to a reply, t
Binger Photo2754 days ago +7 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Nice shots man! All stunning. What equip setup you got?
402505 days ago +12 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Flash stuff is with Nikon D200/10.5/SB 800 with Dale Kobetich custom housing, everything else is shot with Nikon D300 with booster/10.5 or 85 1.8 with Dale's custom housing as well. There's also some stuff shot with Nikon D2X with 10.5/85 or 80-200 2.8, with Aquatech housing. But that set up has seen it's peak and after enough leaks has been put on a retirement.
BLatimer2759 days ago +16 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hey 40, your pictures are amazing and truly talented but when you find yourself in situations like deep in the barrel at Teahupoo how many times do you get worked on the reef? Do you risk the beat down just for the shot? cuz if you do....props to you my friend
402541 days ago +14 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
you just go with the flow, sometimes you get away with it and others you eat it. surfers are the ones who got it bad, though, when they eat shit sometimes there's no time to prepare for worst. but definitely there are times when you ask for a bitch slap to get a shot. it always helps if you know how the spot behaves, how to escape and so on. but more you push, the sooner you'll get slapped.
scuba-steve2760 days ago +16 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi, looking for advice.heading to hossegor in two weeks and hoping to get my hands on a second hand board. Can you suggest anywhere that do good deals with a good selection of boards, e.g. do the rental companies sell boards also. Thanks for any help
w_flowers_prosurfer2764 days ago +19 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hey man, stunning pics. i'm not sure if you do this type of thing but im looking at just printing off a couple of your photos and sending them to my local photo lab to get printed on 8x10 pieces of photo paper. in order to do this i need a little higher res pics, is there anyway you can hook me up? if not i understand as they are great shots but thanks in advance mate