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spent a few years out in cali and japan. now im back home in texas and soon to explore the uk and other areas. if you think im in your local area and need a cameraman in the water, i love take photos so shoot me a message
aerial art backlit barrel beach break bomb cold comedy crowded cutback drop in fish glassy hollow Hurricane Swell landscape lines lineup longboard people perfection point break reef break retro sequence shortboard skimboard spray stand up paddle sunset surfer girl tropical unridden wedge wildlife wipeout wreck young surfer
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Torrey Pines/Blacks Beach
Sunabe Seawall
Sunabe II
Solana Beach
Scripps Pier/La Jolla
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Newport Beach
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Sunabe II - Wed 10th Mar 2010 - 12pm
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CarpeWave1783 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I love beef curtains me !!1798 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Howdy Dane! Maybe the rubber duck has been inserted in her rectum.DAM!!! what a lucky ducky i say!
Jesse Buzana1815 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
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CarpeWave1857 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
So I'm thinking of putting in orders for Japan. How is the surf on Okinawa? I think that's where we'd be stationed because I'm going to be a nurse and they usually start us out on a med surg floor in a hospital and I hear Okinawa has the big hospital.
CarpeWave1982 days ago +9 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Yo, just now noticed your question. I responded. Shootz
dangalow2000 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Film project!!!! In Japan!!!!!!! Shonan Beach(I think)looks like it can get epic....surf flic right? good luck with that....hope u upload some of it to page, my pops is from Chorpus Christi....never surfed there, but looks like a kewl party town over there..
chargenbombs242003 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Where r u stationed, i was on futenma 01-02, i remember a few pretty good days over there off the seawall and tropical beach. hope your having fun man, dont take it for granted cause once its over you will probably never make it back. SEMPER FI!!!!
neoprenejunkie2472 days ago +13 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Yeh, probably.....bro!