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Sethefrican. Working, living in UK since '06. May have gone mad.
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Coelacanth1914 days ago +14 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Your Andy Irons tribute comment slamming the media sensationalism and piss-poor/lack of real investigative journalism reinforced my own thoughts. I didn't know about other people on the tour being sick also until you brought it up. That prompted me to question the assumption...based on official reports from Portugal...that it wasn't possible to have picked up Dengue there. It's still not known if Andy was in Puerto Rico long enough to get sick with Dengue when he did. I think I read somewhere that this year was only the first or second year that Peniche, Portugal has been a contest site. Take a look at my Q&A about this tragedy on my page if you feel like it. It's hard to let it go for me until we know a lot more that makes any sense. I am disgusted with low budget, gossip & rumor driven celebrity 'news' & know-nothing bloggers spreading rumors as 'everyone knows' facts. We'll get a clearer picture eventually...I hope. Where did you find that info. about others besides Andy getting Dengue or some other illness? I couldn't find that in any of my searches.
Coelacanth1914 days ago +17 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Nevermind...I found it...http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/sport/surfing-world-mourns-sudden-death-of-triple-champ-andy-irons/story-e6frg7mf-1225947509392
Harv1559 days ago +14 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
He was a true balls-to-the-wall champ. Heart condition/ dengue fever notwithstanding, the tragedy in my view is that prescription and other drugs damaged him. The message to me is beware ALL drugs. Whether street or pharma - they are all potentially dangerous in terms of unanticipated and unwanted side effects.