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The Mentawai Islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. It's broad exposure towards the vast, southern Indian Ocean provides these majestic islands with remarkable consistency and quality year round. Kandui Resort is surrounded by more than 2 dozen world class waves that are all within a 30 minute boat ride from the resort. Our overall goal is to provide the average surfer the opportunity to score the best waves of their lives at the premiere surf resort location on Earth!

Kandui Resort
Kandui Resort
629 Camino De Los Mares Suite 101
San Clemente
Ca 92673
+1 (714) 369-8121
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Rifles - Wed 30th Nov 2011 - 12am
Rifles - Wed 30th Nov 2011 - 12am
Kandui - Thu 27th Nov 2008 - 12pm
Rifles - Mon 27th Oct 2008 - 9pm
Kandui - Mon 27th Oct 2008 - 9pm
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About Kandui Resort

Karamajet Island, part of the Mentawai Islands chain and home to Kandui Resort is situated 75 miles off the west coast of Sumatra. Due to its remote location it requires a one-of-a-kind crossing across the Mentawai strait – a patch of ocean steeped in historical folklore and intrigue. Kandui Resort, the only western development on the island is set amidst 30 acres of palm trees, lagoons, and a spectacular mile long white sand beach overlooking two of the most picturesque islands in the Mentawai Islands. This area has no shopping malls, housing tracts, or freeways – just unspoiled beauty, the soothing rhythm of the tides, and the ever present allure of perfect surf.

Special Thanks to Sebastian Imizcoz and Nate Adams for their wonderful photos!

Kandui Resort is undoubtedly located in one of the most sought after locations in the world and complimented by an assortment of features that separate it from any other experience in not only the Mentawai Islands, but Indonesia in general.

The Waves

The Mentawai Islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. It's broad exposure towards the vast, southern Indian Ocean provides these majestic islands with remarkable consistency and quality. There are great waves in this area YEAR-ROUND. However, the most ideal time to surf in the Mentawai's is during the dry season, late March to early November, the southern hemisphere's winter, when the Indian Ocean is an ultra-active, groundswell producing machine. During the entire year Kandui Resort offers the average surfer the opportunity to score the best waves of their lives in the premiere surf resort location in the entire world, nothing else comes close...


4 Bobs is a short, playful right-hander located directly in front of Kandui Resort. Swells that break here wrap considerably around the south end of the island and break over a relatively shallow reef.

A Frames

A Frames is one of the most consistent lefts in the Mentawai Islands. Situated in front of an idyllic island it is one of the many good waves found in the Playgrounds region. There are generally two sections to surf, the top and the inside.


Bankvaults is a thick, barreling right punctuated by a shifting line-up. Sets seemingly emerge out of nowhere and can wreak havoc if you're caught out of position. Despite the dangers, snag a clean, open barrel here and you'll be talking about it for years.

Beng Bengs

Beng Beng is an extremely rippable left located a few hundred yards away from E-Bay and Pitstops. It's probably one of the easiest waves to surf in the Mentawai's and is fun for surfers of all ability levels.

Burger World

Burgerworld is considered a last alternative when everywhere else is flat. Anything bigger than three feet here flattens out into a giant mushball. The one positive aspect about Burgerworld is its consistency; there is always something rideable here!


E-bay is a fast, barreling left that gets good when it's head high or bigger. When a pumping west swell is marching through, E-bay does a close impersonation of Padang Padang on Bali without the death cliff looming inside.


Hideaways is an occasionally heavy left near the Playgrounds region that is frequently visited by Kandui guests. In the last few years it has been one of the "go to" waves because it is a lot more consistent the other world class waves in our area.


Iceland is a sizable left that is known as one of the "big wave" spots in the Mentawais. It has a very large playing field and a few different take-off options including a few rights when it is small.


Kandui a.k.a Kanduis or Nokandui is one of the fastest, down the line, left-hand barrels in the world. Kandui is an obscenely hollow wave with your only option for survival being tucked inside its enormous, gaping jaws.

Karangbat Left

Karangbat Left lies smack dab in the middle of "Playgrounds." It breaks best on a direct south swell and is a fairly straightforward wave for people of all abilities.


Nipussi is a high-performance right situated inside a reef-laden cove. Nipussi always has waves and is a good alternative when the rest of the islands are flat.


Pitstops is one of the most high performance waves in the Mentawai Islands. Located a few hundred yards away from E-Bay the wave itself starts breaking in a compact area over reef, remarkably, if you're not paying attention, the take-off can be quite challenging. However, once you're on your feet you've got a really fun, semi-backwashy wave to carve, pull in, or boost on.


Rifles is one of the longest, most perfect, awe-inspiring waves in the world. When it's breaking properly with a hint of northwest wind you can expect four to six hundred yard right walls with numerous tube sections. Rifles is a violent barrel from start to finish, sometimes when you think you are coming out another section will throw over, and another, and another.


Scarecrows is Telescopes' big brother, a little more forceeful, slightly bigger, and in general a little less refined. Nevertheless, it definitely has its good days and because it picks up a lot of swell is a good option when the rest of the chain is small.


Every thing you've heard about Telescopes is true. It's a remarkably long left which tempts you to sit deeper and deeper, almost daring you to backdoor an impossible section.


During your stay on Kandui, home will be one of only 7 “umas”, traditional thatched houses built in the traditional Mentawai style by local Mentawaian craftsmen. Each is clean, spacious, comfortable, and offers an unparalleled view to the waves, ocean, and islands that surround the resort. Hand-woven vaulted ceilings and the natural design features provide a sense of adventure and culture while the interior design features provide a feeling of home.

Using local Mentawai builders, under the guidance of an American development team, Kandui maximizes its local surroundings and functions as a partial eco- resort, yet still delivers a very high standard of accommodations and personal space.

Every uma is also outfitted with a dedicated wireless connection and small speaker to play your IPOD! Each “uma” provides ample sleeping and bathing areas accentuated by a queen sized bed with nets, rattan furniture, and its own sense of warmth and identity. All umas are stocked with cold drinks.

Each bathroom has a sink, toilet, mirror, shower, and is completely tiled. Bath, hand, and face towels are available in every room but we encourage people to bring their own beach towels...

Electrical outlets with adaptors for charging a multitude of electrical devices. (Please note we use a 220V current and Indonesian plugs so be careful before you plug anything in!) We offer phone connections to the main desk, housekeeping, restaurant, room service, and room to room.

There are screened windows with a glass window that can be shut tight and locked, with curtains on the inside to let in, or block out light. There is a a specific area to hang wet clothes outside and in the bathroom.

Kandui Restaurant and Bar

Kandui's restaurant and bar is the main congregation area, the heart of the resort, and our most prized structure - Kandui Restaurant and Bar was built from the ground up virtually by hand. It's design principles follow the local traditions and customs and every inch of this area has been meticulously detailed to provide a sense of barefoot luxury.

Indulge in the flavors of the Mentawai. Each day the resort’s chef prepares a variety of food with an emphasis on the succulent seafood caught by local fisherman and our guests. Sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant – which serves some of the tastiest food in Sumatra in front of one of the most idyllic settings possible.

There is also a set schedule for meals so you don't have to wonder what time you eat. Lastly, your visit will have as many barbeques as possible; nothing is tastier or more satisfying than having a bbq with your close friends on a remote, tropical island with perfect waves reeling in the distance.

The Office

The Office is set up as our communication center to the outside world. It has two computers for people to browse the internet, a phone service to make calls overseas without having to use the Satellite phone, a fax machine, safety deposit box, and money changing service. Everything you have in your office at work.

There are no formal meeting or conference facilities but with the wireless internet connection you can have a meeting almost anywhere. In fact, the entire resort is outfitted witha dedicated wireless internet connection, you can get online in the office, the restaurant, in your uma, or on the beach if you'd like!

Kandui's Gift shop is managed in conjunction with the local artisans - it offers an easy, convenient place for people to purchase Mentawai gifts for themselves, their friends and family at home, the shop will have local jewelry, wood handicrafts bow and arrows, shaman bags, sarongs, the list goes on...