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I'm fat, I have low self-esteem and I still live with my parents. I pick my nose and sometimes I taste it.
abstract reef break
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Ken from L.C.2213 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Dear Dick, Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for being my #1 fan on magic seaweed. I'm stoked you always comment on my post's... the hits really help me out with exposure and keep the editor of the website wanting more footage from our o-sooo controversial area! Too bad you hide like a pussy behind your user name or else maybe someday I could be lucky enough to thank you in person. keep hitting my features, voting on them and commenting because it helps me-not you.~Kendog.
sdelzell2204 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I'm not sure I've ever commented on your posts. But I gather form the tone of your response that you were somehow offended by it, even though it echoed several other comments. I wonder, did you thank them too? As for helping you out, it's pure fantasy if you think you're ever going to capitalize on your surfing. Oh, and one more thing, it's Mr. Dick.