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Australian living in El Salvador,working as photographer for local magazine,and as part of the Qi-X surf camp team,teaching Yoga classes,surf lessons and giving massage,loving life in paradise and surfing my way to heaven
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Salsa Brava
Rio Nexpa
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La Bocana
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swwl2081 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi like it -you have listed a lot of places I still miss to surf bocas del toro being one - say hi to Edgar in Mizata / los cabanos ( sure not too many Scots have stayed) for me!
sam portlock2082 days ago -3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I live in central florida and have surfed beachbreak my entire surfing life. In the fall I will be attending Auburn University, I love auburn but there are no waves. My dream destination is El Salvador, and I'm trying to figure a way to go before the summers over. Any tips on where to go or how to travel El Salvador without doing a surf camp? Any info would be great
Lisa2075 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi, I live in El Salvador but am from Florida too. I have been in Salva for 7 years and can hook you up with all the info you need. If you are serious about going email me at bluesunshine77@aol.com and i will give you me number to call me since i am in florida right now.. You don't need to stay at a so called surf camp, there are hostals everywhere and cheap. El Tunco is the best bet. It is central to all surf spots and Sunzal is out front. Depending on how u surf and what u like, you can go down the coast 10-45 minutes to surf another break from El Tunco. Sunzal is a fun wave, mellow when it is smaller and long. email me at bluesunshine77@aol.com and I can hook u up with anything you want to know about el Salvador from surfing to safety to traveling in el salvador to artesian towns etc....There are some places worth seeing. Everything is like an hour from the beach so you can get out and see stuff and still surf two sessions...hope to hear from you, Salva is not a place you want to miss....