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David designed the Magic Seaweed logo. he was was also nominated for the 2014 East Coast Surfing hall of Fame. also in 2014 , Apple computers named david one of the most 30 influential mac users worldwide, over their 30 year history , calling Carson a pioneer with profound impact David was the Art director for SURFER magazine, as well as SURFING Magazines Exlorations, and Quiksilver...David was one of 50 surfers worldwide asked to vote on who the top 50 Surfers of all time for a recent issue of Surfer Magazine. David is a former Pro tour surfer, who had his own signiture model surfboard, and later worked as an ASP judge. Hes had articles in Surfers Journal, who said of him: Carsons spreads in this issue are more wallpaper installations than article, a stylized homage to his undying passion for wave riding. Even if you look closely, you might guess that its all a scam, a la Dora, and one well pulled at that. Well, is it, or not? Not for David. He stands on principle, damn the torpedoes...... -Steve Pezman (Surfers Journal) In April 2014, David was awarded the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) highest honor~ the Gold Medal, at awards gala in NYC. From Matt Warshaws Encyclopedia of Surfing: http://encyclopediaofsurfing.com/eos-blog/david-carson-electroshock-design-eos-interview David's front yard goes into the sea at Kane Garden Bay. He's the only surfer to ever own,with wife Ola, water front property at the point, where they live. foto rite:: David and KSlater in biarritz.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA4GB5Chbxc......................also: http://www.apple.com/30-years/ http://encyclopediaofsurfing.com/eos-blog/david-carson-electroshock-design-eos-interview http://shittyadvice.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/david-carson-x-pukas-x-quiksilver-2011-spring-preview/
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