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Sneakybadger 2143 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hello mate, sorry to bother you. Can i ask a favour. Magicseaweed have graciously offered a deal in order to allow Sqirl back on the threads. What is proposed is that 50 users email general@magicseaweed.com and ask for his return, he will then be reinstated with his profile. If you could do that/want him back then please do. One more thing, please don't mention this on the image or news threads as this will break the terms of the deal. Cheers!
Rinky dink2143 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
yeah no worries all done... looks like you should get some fun waves down there tomorrow possibly inside the long groan! you no where i mean... i've got a bust shoulder so no sponging for me for a while.. pissed off.. have a good one
Sneakybadger 2142 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Yeah i know where you mean :) Hoping for a good one. Might even dust off the camera this time if i can feel my fingers after. Ah shit that sucks, at least you have an excuse not to endure the cold, supposed to snow.. brrrah! Thanks for the email to admin and hope you get your shoulder sorted soon!
Trident2189 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
Yeah, it's cool. I had a little rant at them on their private pages so they know the score. I was going to remove it to avoid msw getting flak, but after their little outbursts, figured I'd leave it in admin's capable hands and let them have their little moment lol. The comment about someone dying was an innocent effort at crowd dispersal, sadly it backfired. Ho hum.