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About Us

Surfatoll is a truly Maldivian surfing specialist based in Male and operating since 2002. All our trips are organized according to our individual clients' wishes. Surfatoll's goal is to provide our clients with complete satisfaction. Sharing our passion for travelling and surfing is very important to us. Concentrating on only one destination, the Maldives, means the closest possible cooperation with the local operators. This helps us know and personally test every single boat that we work with. All our partners are licensed businesses in the Maldives, and operate in a manner that is respectful of local laws, customs and culture. All surf operations are run by surfers with significant local surfing knowledge of their respective areas.

The best period for surfing in the Maldives is the Southern Hemisphere winter, which lasts from March'til October. During this period, the roaring forties cause storms which bring the largest swells to the archipelago. The biggest waves are likely to occur in June, July and August. During this period, the wind is mainly offshore all day long. This paradise is exposed to the same swells as Indonesia is, except that its higher latitude and its South-East exposure offers cooler and less hardcore surfing. The typical Maldive wave rolls up more like a Point Break than a rectilinear wall. A small tube arises from time to time, prompting manoeuvres especially when the size oscillates between 3 and 6 feet. There is a wave for every taste! The reef is far from being aggressive, for it is dead and much flatter than its Indonesian cousin. It is rare to touch the bottom unless you surf it by very strong low tide coefficient.

Surfing in the Maldives is tempered by the North-East and South-West monsoons. During the North-East monsoon (from February ‘til April), conditions are optimal in the "South Outer Atolls". From May to October, during the South-West monsoon, the best surfing area is in the "North Atoll Male".

The Northern atolls

The Northern Atoll of Male is the most famous surfing area in the Maldives. The density of spots in this location is very high. At approximately half an hour from the airport, you will find the first spot named Jailbreaks. From then on, there is: Honky’s, Sultans, Pasta Not, Ninja, Lohis, Cokes and Chickens are spread out over about twenty kilometres.

Jailbreaks: It’s been only 2 years that its access has been authorized:In reality you are surfing right in front of the Maldives’national jail. It is now possible to surf this fantastic righthander. Hollow, fast with a steep take off, the wave becomes better with the rising tide. Starting from 6 feet, Jailbreaks will reveal all of its potential.

Honky's: On the same island as Sultans, is an ideal spot for winter, which goes on with a North-East wind. This left completely marries the reef’s form in a semi-circular shape. The swell rolls up there so well that the second section, the Ledge, forms a wall even larger than the peak. When the conditions are met, it is a true World Class.

Sultans: If Honky's is onshore, then Sultans will be offshore. An easy right-hander with an inside a little faster. It is one of the most consistent waves and there will always be something to surf.

Pasta Point
: Opposite Sultans, another beautiful left-hander. It’s possible that you’ll feel unwelcome here. Indeed, the surf camp called Tari Village is apparently holding exclusive rights to its access . However, the Maldivian water regulation s stipulate that nobody holds any rights over the ocean.

Ninjas: Located twenty minutes up North. Presumably named because it’s one of the favourite waves of the Japanese surfers. It is a right-hander, not a Point Break, a little soft for the long boarders or beginners. It breaks in front of Kani Resort or Med Club.

Lohis: Opposite Ninjas, on the Lohifushi Resort’ Island, a very long consistent left. Because of the proximity of the surfing camp, this wave can quickly be very crowded. It’s there that the WQS 6 stars O' Neil surfing contest has taken place over the last few years.

Cokes: Twenty minutes North, certainly one of the best waves in all the archipelago and without a doubt, another world class break. It is a hollow and tubular right-hander that backdoors on the reef. It’s probably the most photographed wave of the North Male Atoll. There, you can test your ability in the tube. It will be bigger here than elsewhere because of its orientation. Unfortunately, this wave is more sensitive to the prevailing South-West wind than Jailbreaks and Sultans that will always be offshore.

Chickens: In the same channel than Cokes. Another amazing left-hander. The fastest wave of the area. The bigger, the better. Receives also more swell than elsewhere. The point can be tubular with a very long shoulder in the second section.

The central atolls

Due to increasing crowd pressure in the North Atoll of Male, Surfatoll proposes a new itinerary to the Central Atolls for the incoming season. This trip will be combining surfing in the North Atoll of Male (classic surf breaks like Jails, Sultans, Honkys, Cokes and Chickens) for the first 4-5 days.

Then the boat will head south to Meemu atoll for a 75 Mile trip lasting about 9 to 11 hours. Your first stop will be South Male Atoll with surf breaks known as Guru’s, Natives and Riptides (right hander).

The latter is so called because it is really the last stop before being completely lost in the middle of nowhere, and the captain usually chooses to pass the night here before hitting the sea for the last 6 hours of the trip.

The following morning on your way to Meemu, the boat will have to cross the Felidhe Atoll with its incredible stretches of sand coming out of its turquoise lagoon. With no resorts around, you are really situated far from the populated areas!!

Finaly Meemu Atoll will be appearing on the horizon. This atoll hosts incredible unnamed waves on the islands of Veyvah, Boli Mulah and Muli. The local surfguide, depending on the conditions, will bring you to that perfect reef you were dreaming of.

Surf in this part of the Maldives is still totally uncrowded as very few boats venture into these waters. The waves to be discovered in the central Atolls are very similar in shape, power and size to those surfed in North Atoll of Male. To be worth it, the trip to Meemu must last at least 10 days. For entire satisfaction, Surfatoll strongly recommends that you book two consecutive weeks in order to enjoy the surf in both the Northern atolls and the central atolls.