Surgical Strike: Moorea Surf Mission

Tubes Galore At Day One Of The Billabong Pro Teahupo‘o

Cote’s Cube: Tahiti Edition

Bobby Martinez Wins The 2009 Billabong Pro Teahupo‘o
FOR the last few weeks here in SoCal it has seemed like Fall was just around the corner…teasing us…”always just a day or two away before the weather will break and we will have warm sunny skies, offshore winds, and combo swells.” Instead we kept slogging through what seemed almost like an endless Spring…eddy winds, inconsistent Southern Hemi ...
HELL yes…a forecast that I can actually sink my teeth into. From a storm perspective this summer has been dull…the SPAC did OK, managing to scrape together a couple of decent sized S-SW swells but they were a bit spaced out and since the tropics have been super slow this summer there wasn’t much to fill in the gaps. ...
Finally I get to put some good news in this forecast…at least for the West Coast and the travel areas that like Southern Hemi swells. Things had been pretty slow in both halves of the Pacific with high pressure blocking across the North Pacific…and the SPAC going so zonal that only a few small pulses of Southern Hemi swell ...
The Pacific has sort of been in cruise mode lately and neither half of the ocean have any particularly large systems showing at this point. Unfortunately the lack of storms means there is a lack of swell…and so I am expecting a run of smaller surf for the next week or so…depending on if the either our EPAC tropics ...
Not many changes between the forecast earlier in the week...though I hope that your arms are tired a bit from surfing for the last few days. The overlapping S swell (180-190) hit nicely this week lighting up a few of the better S facing breaks pretty much from Central America all the way up through Central California. Most breaks ...
HURRICANE Alex, the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season slammed Texas skirting the oil spill.
The S swell is here…hitting all over the West Coast, pretty much from the exposed spots in Northern California on down through Central and South America. The main punch of energy hit Central America (like most of them do…the region are sort of like the kidney of the Pacific…
WEST Coast swell alert – double helping of south swells hitting S America to California, Sunday through to Weds.
TUBOS grandes with Jamie O'Brien and amigos. Transworld mission scores extraordinary Mexican perfection.
SPRINGTIME tubes and turns in New Jersey during the latest glassy swell to have hit the East Coast.
GOLD Coast: The return of Nelly’s Magic Moments sees the Gold Coast of Australia from all angles.
TAHITI'S collosus shook itself into life last week, a session three years in the waiting and as wide as it was tall.
ONE more epic set of shots from our cousins across the pond, more Mavericks, plus the rest of the West Coast rocking.
THE 24 made the call and Chris Bertish owned the Mavs Big Wave contest in 'just-about-paddleable' 30 plus ft surf.
CARNAGE and chaos at Jaws earlier this week from Transworld's Zak Noyle. You cannot paddle these lumps.
KERBY and Cortney venture out in a huge swell to 'try' and surf a crazy slab off the bottom coast of Australia.
OPENING Day: Pipeline opens her womb for the boys as Typhoon Choi Wan chews down on the North Shore.
TRANSWORLD'S Justin Cote on being blown-away, and out-of, gaping Desert Point barrels. Seek and score.
PIONEERING shaper Maurice Cole on health, life and how the board-shaping industry is about to get all-shook-up.
ESCAPING Teahupoo's Billabong Pro - Transworld found a bit of paradise during some Tahitian island hopping .
SPRING has sprung on the Outer Banks. Here's the inside track on what to expect from a trip down the famous islands.
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