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We are an Online Surf Shop based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
comedy drop in glassy heavy pro surfer unridden wildlife wreck
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Sids Surf Shack2411 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Dannyboy.... It's about playing you at ur own game pal!! Rather than responding to your comments like you wanted, I could do nothing and have a giggle waiting for an iminent radge response which we got. Mate, the photos arnt going to win any awards for worlds best pics, we know that, but the fact that we are adding content for others is what we are about. We've added loads of snaps from around the world, some ok and some not so. If you wanted to spend ur time commenting on poo snaps on magicseaweed, then you'd be a busy boy. We suggest you chill a little mate and spend ur time at the beach this week in the swell we've all been waiting for!
dannyoconnor2411 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
mate why did you disable the comments on your tynemouth pics? cos i gave you a little bit of grief! this is the internet...if you are gonna put yourself up there and pimp your shop you should expect ANy kinda feedback.......its a risk you take posting pappy windswell...you shouldnt censor it...or get back to china commy boy!