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PoDgE112283 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
ahoy hoy...i started myself a year ago and my first board was 7´2 hi fly and it did me for the year of constant surfing was great for paddeling and was pretty decent on the waves...a long board would be a good choice but anything over 7´6 and you might get bored pretty quickly of the same ole surf...always best to take a board out for a test run first so enjoy man and have fun!!!!
ben hacquoil2292 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
If your a begginer get a mini-mal or a longboard as it will be easy to paddle and get onto waves. If u get a longboard though only get a 9' or a 9'2'' as it'll be easier to turn. As its your first board dont spend much over 400 on it as it will get pretty battered and you may choose not to continue. Some will disagree but i think epoxy boards are good for begginers because there lighter and easier to paddle aswell as being a bit more hardwearing. Hope this helps :)