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Sai2167 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Hi Coast Road Project, I think your utopia is very attractive and your quest of surf the dream of each surfer …. I like the nature too, looking for new spots and taking the good sessions. I’m happy you are this kind of surfer traveller who is supposed to respect the places where he goes… But sorry, I don’t understand why you put 4 fotos of yerbabuena in Cádiz, a sensitive spot, in MAGICSEAWEED, the website seen for thousands of surfers every day… Don’t you have any of respect for the locals, don’t you have any respect for the natural park of Barbate (Parque Natural de la Breña y Marismas de Barbate). Do you want that this spot turn crowded, with garbage in the hill and the cliff ? Please, keep your fotos for you and your friends, have a bit of respect for those who surf this wave in a quiet way. It’s an unfamous spot but it’s the best of andalucia, you don’t have to show every body how it is. There’s a lot of information about yerbabuena (website, stormRider, etc..), the surfer who want to surf this wave know where it is, do you understand what I mean? I hope you’ll quit your fotos of MSW soon as possible and respect the people who surf here…. It’s a shame that you can come here like that and have this behaviour when in your website you feel a soul surfer …… One thing, I’m from Marocco, and when you say : “Marocco still has enough space for everyone to score long empty waves” (http://www.coastroadproject.com/thecoastroadproject/Maroc1.html), I want to say to you that you have loose the spirit of surfing, the spirit of travelling, you have loose the respect of morocco people, don’t you think that there surfers who live there, that they don’t want to see coming each winter 1000surfers near Tagahzout DON’T YOU THINK THAT YOUR QUEST OF SURFING COULD BE MORE RESPECTIVE OF LOCAL PEOPLE…. I don’t know if you understand me good, but I think so, hope you will understand me. HOPE WILL SEE US IN YERBABUENA AND CONTINUE THIS DEBATE. Respect, Saï