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I Surf to be FREE! I'm an Artist and Surfing is how i choose to express myself!The wave is my canvas, the surfboard is my brush.... Now check out my ART!!!!
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South Point - Barbados - Sun 23rd May 2010 - 5pm
South Point - Barbados - Thu 20th May 2010 - 3pm
South Point - Barbados - Wed 19th May 2010 - 4pm
South Point - Barbados - Tue 18th May 2010 - 12pm
South Point - Barbados - Tue 18th May 2010 - 12pm
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Hazard.NZ2052 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
Boosy, whatz going on you are proberly wondering who the hell is this.... well you know me. I lived in Barbados for about 4 years surfed with you and partied it up hard at Mcbrides in da Gap pretty much every weekend. Been away from Brb for about 4 yrs working in the States for abit. Next year pack it up bro and head to NZ for afew years before moving back to Barbados. Donna my wife (you know Donna, she always Danced at Mcbrides, thats where Donna and I meet) and I are heading back to Barbados at the end of the year for 3 weeks so I hope we can catch up, ill see you in da waves or mcbrides. I have acouple of movie of New Zealand ( my home ) waves are not too big but you get the picture check them out. Write back on my profile page, I enjoy your movies bro. later mate.
Ellie2588 days ago +9 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
where is you art? im taking art gcse and surfing is the best.