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Ive been using MSW for years now, this is the first time Ive seen these comments though and I had to login and give my 10 cents. If there is one thing that annoys me, its people who get something given to them for free, then pick holes and criticise it, on the public forum nonetheless because sending an email to the right people might actually get your point accross without black marking those good people responsible for providing the information you obviously have paid so much attention to that you you've compared it to the location and spotted the difference. The plain and simple point being, as theyve already stated below, and many times, this is not an exact indication of what you're going to be paddling out into on Monday morning, I knew this about 1 hour after first coming accross the site roughly 7 years ago, the reason I knew this was because I took the time to freakin read about it. My guess is that you dont post random comments on forums about the NOAA's forecast, so please dont do it here for everyone to see. I understand your opinions matter, but send details about these things to people who can discuss it with you, not on the public comment boxes. These guys work very hard to provide you what you take for granted, show some respect. As for the forecasts, i find them very accurate a majority of the time, its about understanding the break you're at and making judgements and comparison of information, but like any forecast, its not an exact art, which MSW openly tell you they. Have some sense people and read more instead of putting your energy into negative thoughtless comments. Ok, rant over :)