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i really dont think u need to worry about it getting busy. it could be anywhere in scotland???? and even if people do find it, its not like everyone is gunna jump in. its a mental wave!!! every time ive been up there ive never seen anyone surf it, maybe they dont fancy the walk?? the video is just a bit of fun really, we had a sick trip even though we didnt get great waves and we wanted to get something out there that shows that we are buzzing for this winter!!! our mate is a really clued up video editor so he whipped this up for us. some people just wanna surf and there is possibilities in this life to do it for a living if you work hard and play hard, not such a bad thing to try and achieve is it? there is no directions to the wave, it doesnt let you no the small tide window, with swell directions and which wind it best works on. as far as joe public is concerned its near windmills coz of the tight water angle we got. just chill out, dnt you go travelling for waves? ur sitting on a goldmine of surf which has barely had its surface scratched and ur whining coz a slab hardly anyone surfs has been shown on a small video that hardly anyone has seen!!!! people have known about thurso for yeards and its one of the best waves in europe and you can STILL get an uncrowded surf there at most times of the year!!! i totally understand where your coming from but i think maybe you are just running with it a bit. we dont mean to be rude or disrespectful to any of the locals infact the few locals i know are fuckin legends. so sorry again for any offence we may have caused as it wasnt intentional. if you want the vid taken off here just let me know and its done.
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CustomisedSport1464 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
The bloody big wind mill (with a number 10 printed at its base) is a good enough indication of the location. The video is well put together, i enjoy watching decent vids on here...i just think its a shame to spoil the spot for the sake of a couple of seconds footage in the vids How are you involved in Quiver? How's it going? How long have you been going?
Gorillagram1447 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
bit counter productive your comments