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Burton H2004 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
Where are you located, I know a lot of people who surf all over these lakes and I could hook you up with someone to surf with. You are super smart about not going out on your own these lakes can kill you if you dont't know what your doing out here with the right gear and especially the ice situation with the ice shelf and ice in the water. And also it is super different then surfing in the ocean you have to paddle a lot harder and you are not as bouyant as in freshwater. Being brought up surfing in California and surfing over 20 years you can surf see the difference when I go back and visit the family in So Cal and surf. Sometimes I come back and say how the hell do we wear all of this rubber but we do and you get use to it. Check out my website man at www.nosaltsurf.com and click onto the different surf deals out here on the lakes like Lake Superior surf club,surfdalake.com and thirdcoast and there are forums on there that you can find out local surfers in your area. Hope this helps out and like you said we gotta surf even if there is snow on the ground and its freezing I could not imagine living without it. Good luck.Burton
Burton H2004 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I ment not as bouyant as in saltwater. my bad. b