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Miguel Pupo has won the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Santa Cruz as well as the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series 2011,
O'NEILL Cold Water Classic Santa Cruz got underway in the Northern Californian sunshine at Steamer Lane.
MATT Wilkinson wins the O’Neill CWC California as Shaun Cansdell takes the O’Neill CWC Series win and $50,000.
COLD Water Classic California revels in perfect Steamer Lane conditions as surfing’s top names put on a show.
THE O’Neill CWC California completes the Round of 128 following a surprise push in swell at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz.
SANTA Cruz, California is the final stop of the O’Neill CWC series, with series' winner taking an additional $50,000.
KERR wins CWC Canada ahead of Eric Geiselman in clean 4ft conditions on another epic sunny day in Tofino.
FINAL 16 decided as the O’Neill CWC Canada bathes in the Tofino sunshine, light winds and pulsing swell.
O'NEILL CWC battles relentless rain and surging tides as the competition’s big names entertain local crowds.
THE coldest surf contest on the planet returns to Tofino, offering an additional break to the beaches of last year.
GREG Emslie completes South African clean sweep by winning the O'Neil Cold Water Classic South Africa.
DRAMA on Day 3 with event favourite takendowns and some shockingly good photography of a big ol' day at the Cape.
DAY 2 down at the Cape roared in as big and stormy as predicted. Surfing Outer Kom it was a tricky day.
KICK-OFF in South Africa for the O'Neill CWC South Africa which went off on the first day of the holding period.
SCOTLAND has a new lord and master in Roydon Bryson, winner of the O'Neill Cold Water Classic at Thurso East.
THE O'Neill Cold Water Classic (CWC) Scotland through the first round in changeable conditions.
O'NEIL'S CWC Tasmania lived up to its billing delivering classic condtions for the finals won by Stuart Kennedy.
BIG guns roll out the scores in 3m of swell and bustry winds during day two of O'Neils Cold Water Classic Tasmania.
DAY One of the 2010 O'Neil Cold Water Classic kicked off surfing's most rugged competition series.
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