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Ah yes we all know that the surfing world is quickly becoming saturated...therefore when you are a tourist surfing places like el salvador try and follow a few simple steps so respect is shown to the locals and other surfing tourists. For example, dont show up to a place with a pack of ten of you all desperately trying to get as many waves as possible on your 2 week holiday...which is typical of many brazilians(not all of course) as i have come to realise on my surf travels. Instead maybe paddle out at different times and not in an aggressive manner...this simple step will automatically create a more relaxed surfing situation. Maybe try and say hello and chat to other people that are surfing out in the lineup which shows that you are there to have fun and not to try take all the waves and impress and show off to everyone(surfing is meant to be fun isnt it???) Also dont paddle out to a surf spot if you are not experienced enough for that spot- you will just get in everyones way and cause accidents. As an Australian i have been brought up to take turns and share the waves evenly...iam noticing alot of surfers from countries like brazil and other european countries that do the opposite of this in the water...why? (and yes, australians do it sometimes as well) If everybody waits their turn then everybody will get waves. On average if there are 20 surfers in the lineup and 20 waves coming through every 5-10 minutes that means everybody will get 5-10 waves per hour which is alot you must agree...so everybody(not just the countries i have mentioned) try and use some common sense and show respect- WAIT YOUR TURN!!!! When it comes to the crunch nobody owns the ocean and the waves, so dont act like you do. surf for fun!