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grandfield2520 days ago +8 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
oui monsieur. Magic seaweed detected I was in France so when I commented it changed my location and it wouldn't allow me to change it back. Pretty crap.
Sean_Rusty2599 days ago +10 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
High 5, Cheers. Anyway... i took them down and changed the captions on the photos of Killard... And if i do put more up i wont mention names/Locations...
Sean_Rusty2600 days ago +6 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Oh i completely agree, i wasn't even going to put then up, But: there are 5 or 6 websites that review both doonbeg and killard, Also if you own a copy of StormRider you goen to know all about both spots anyway. Last week when i surfed Doonbeg i was really annoyed cuz i was the only Irish person out of 13... 12 English guys were all over it before i got there. So if they know about it, most Irish people do 2. But only experienced guys/Locals will go near Doonbeg anyway... Due to the Shallow reef. So anyway i figured if the hole of England knows about it a few photos wont do much...
traboys2619 days ago +10 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Ha i love you,yar man "Bloodfairyx" what a kook,in all fairness hes saying he has surfed doughmore when its been 8ft :S whats his bebo link?