ANOTHER year bites the dust and we ask the question -- is it worth the struggle on the QS to get on the ASP World Tour?
EURO success at the Billabong Pipeline Masters as Jeremy Flores captures a maiden win for himself and Europe.
KELLY Slater grabbed a 10, Dusty Payne a spot on tour and the Triple Crown title still up for grabs at perfect Backdoor.
RIGHT now it all looks a bit iffy on the North Shore with only a few bumps to crack the flat gloom... and the Coffin brothers...
WITH a storm rapidly approaching Thursday morning threw up fun Backdoor to a backdrop of stormy purple skies.
KICK-OFF for the Billabong Pipeline Masters in Memory of Andy Irons skunked by a north swell as locals fell to pros.
EVERYONE was down on the beach at first light to greet the meat of the swell and at Rockpiles it was pumping.
FORERUNNERS of the new swell hit the North Shore on Tues, building all day it made for an eye-popping sunset sesh.
FOLLOWING six days of torturous calm, a small lethargy-relieving north-eastery swell pushed into the North Shore.
SURPRISE double winners Raoni Monteiro and Tyler Wright blow up on the final day of the O'Neill World Cup.
CREATIVE heat management in poor surf allowed a bumper number of waves to go down at the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing.
LOOKING at the pancake North Shore you wouldn't know the Pacific could do this -- Nov 2nd -- never forgotten.
NEW swell pulse boots the North Shore back into life with Pipeline, Backdoor and Sunset all kicking into gear.
KICK-OFF for the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing sees overhead swells and tricky strong offshores filling the local sails
SWELL number three lights-up North Shore from Sunset on down and those not partaking in the Reef Pro got involved.
BACK to business -- Joel Parkinson wins the Reef Pro at Haleiwa and takes Vans Triple Crown lead -- again.
DOWN at Haleiwa we've seen Parko's on song return, Steph Gilmore winning another title and Mick being a bit good.
NEIL Armstrong reports on the Hawaiian return of the World Longboard Tour, last held in 1997, also in Makaha.
NORTH Shore flagship stood tall, took a bow and threw throaty tubes all day, here in full colour with moving images.
SHORT day for the men down at the Reef Hawaiian Pro -- the girls kicked-off and the legends went toe-toe-toe.
OH yes it did -- Pipeline woke up on Sunday afternoon, throwing shapes in the sunset for the watching throng.
A LEGEND day kicked off the Vans Triple Crown in chunky swell at Haleiwa for the Reef Hawaiian Pro.
THOUSANDS gather at Hanalei Bay on Kauai to celebrate the life of three-time world surfing champ Andy Irons.
ER, apologies to all feminists, here's the Miss Reef 2010 pictorial. For anyone who 'reads the words' there are none.
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