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1st off let me say that it is an International tour. There are surfers from Peru, Chile, Mexico, S Africa, Hawaii, Brazil and The Dominican Republic that have competed on The Big Wave World Tour this year. There are 5 events with 4 different countries as venue locations. Also over 30 percent of the contestants in the Mavs event are not even from The US. As far as Aussies go, there used to be a couple in the Mavs event Ross Clark Jones and Tony Ray were invited to the event for years until they aged a bit and stopped coming to Mavs on every swell like they did in the beginning. Now we have Jamie Mitchell from Oz who is putting his time in at Mavs and has earned an alternate spot. It does not matter where you are from, it matters how dedicated you are to surfing the spot if your going to be invited in PERIOD. Maybe if the Aussie boys would get over towing into slabs and paddle into some real waves, and show dedication to all the spots on tour and a lot of dedication to being a PADDLE IN SURFER in surf of consequence then maybe things will change. It would be great to see Irishman like Al Mennie or Fergal Smith in an event but as with the Aussies they will have to leave home and start PADDLING into waves around the world to build their notoriety and show they deserve to be there. It's easy to sit back and make random statements but until you ride a 30 footer at all the big waves in the world and know what it requires to earn the honor of one of these invites then you really have no opinion, just empty statements that don't offer one shred of truth most of the above statements are just worthless geographic bias. PEACE