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You've missed the point a bit really havent you...theres no issue here with localism, or anyone travelling for the love of waves and to surf new places, or even surfing the wave in question...the issue is with people who should know better showing a total lack of respect by blowing something thats been kept secret for ages just to further their own corporate glory hunt. Clearly plenty of people other than the locals have 'found' this wave and enjoyed it without feeling the need to publicise it for their own gain / ego trip. I relate to the Scottish lads because the same stunt was pulled at one of our best kept secrets by the same crew not that long ago and the result was the zoo-ing out of a great wave that doesnt hold a crowd. Im sure if the lads in the video had just turned up and enjoyed the waves rather than plastering it on the internet for all to see then there would be no problems. By the way Ive been to Newquay and surfed the rest of cornwall plenty and had some great surfs with on the whole some great people, but the way some people go on in the water trying to be aggro at places where you have some good waves like Milook and 'Levy is frankly laughable (lots of wannabee pros etc giving it the big one).....i have no problems with Cornwall or Cornish surfers, or any problem holding my own in a line up or otherwise anywhere in the world, but sorry to disappoint you, these days given the choice of an 8hr drive south or an 8hr drive north you'll find me in the water with the Scottish lads, respectfully sharing waves without a corpo photog anywhere in sight. I do it for the love, not to sell T-shirts...x