8555889 - Brandywine Shoal Light, De (brnd1) Weather Station

4:54am - Thu 24th Jan 2019 All times are EST. -5 hours from GMT.

  • Sea Pressure 1007.2mb
  • 8555889 - Brandywine Shoal Light, De
  • 8555889 - Brandywine Shoal Light, De

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Comparision Forecast

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Thu 01/24 4:54am 1007.2mb
4:48am 1007.5mb
4:42am 1007.9mb
4:36am 1008.2mb
4:30am 1008.2mb
4:24am 1008.3mb
4:06am 1008.9mb
4:00am 1009.1mb
3:54am 1009.3mb
3:48am 1009.4mb
3:42am 1009.9mb
3:36am 1010.2mb
3:30am 1010.4mb
3:24am 1010.4mb
3:18am 1010.4mb
3:06am 1010.8mb
3:00am 1010.8mb
2:54am 1010.8mb
2:36am 1011.1mb
2:30am 1011.2mb
2:24am 1011.3mb
2:18am 1011.4mb
2:12am 1011.5mb
2:06am 1011.6mb
2:00am 1011.7mb
1:36am 1011.8mb
1:30am 1011.8mb
1:24am 1011.9mb
1:18am 1011.8mb
1:12am 1011.9mb
1:06am 1011.9mb
1:00am 1012.1mb
12:54am 1012.3mb
12:48am 1012.4mb
12:42am 1012.6mb
12:36am 1012.8mb
12:30am 1012.9mb
12:24am 1013mb
12:18am 1013mb
12:12am 1013.2mb
12:06am 1013.7mb
12:00am 1013.7mb
Wed 01/23 11:54pm 1013.8mb
11:36pm 1014.2mb
11:30pm 1014.4mb
11:24pm 1014.6mb
11:18pm 1014.7mb
11:12pm 1014.8mb
11:00pm 1014.8mb
10:54pm 1014.8mb
10:48pm 1014.7mb
10:42pm 1014.7mb
10:36pm 1014.8mb
10:24pm 1015.1mb
10:00pm 1015.6mb
9:42pm 1016mb
9:24pm 1016.4mb
8:54pm 1016.9mb
8:48pm 1016.9mb
8:30pm 1017mb
8:24pm 1017mb
8:18pm 1017.1mb
8:12pm 1017.2mb
8:06pm 1017.3mb
8:00pm 1017.6mb
7:54pm 1017.6mb
7:36pm 1017.8mb
7:30pm 1017.7mb
7:24pm 1017.8mb
7:18pm 1018mb
6:30pm 1018.2mb
6:24pm 1018.2mb
6:18pm 1018.4mb
6:12pm 1018.4mb
6:06pm 1018.5mb
6:00pm 1018.7mb
5:54pm 1018.7mb
5:48pm 1018.8mb
5:42pm 1018.9mb
5:36pm 1018.8mb
5:30pm 1018.6mb
5:24pm 1018.6mb
5:18pm 1018.6mb
5:12pm 1018.8mb
5:06pm 1018.9mb
5:00pm 1018.9mb
4:54pm 1018.9mb
4:48pm 1019.1mb
4:42pm 1019.2mb
4:36pm 1019.4mb
4:30pm 1019.7mb
4:24pm 1019.8mb
4:18pm 1019.9mb
4:12pm 1019.9mb
4:06pm 1019.9mb
4:00pm 1020mb
3:30pm 1020.8mb
3:24pm 1021mb
3:18pm 1021.2mb
3:12pm 1021.4mb
3:06pm 1021.5mb
3:00pm 1021.7mb
2:54pm 1021.7mb
2:48pm 1021.7mb
2:42pm 1021.7mb
2:36pm 1021.9mb
2:30pm 1022mb
2:24pm 1022.2mb
2:18pm 1022.3mb
2:12pm 1022.6mb
2:06pm 1022.7mb
2:00pm 1022.8mb
1:54pm 1023mb
1:48pm 1023mb
1:42pm 1023.2mb
1:36pm 1023.4mb
1:24pm 1023.6mb
1:18pm 1023.7mb
12:54pm 1024.4mb
12:48pm 1024.6mb
12:42pm 1024.6mb
12:36pm 1024.8mb
12:30pm 1025mb
12:06pm 1025.8mb
12:00pm 1026mb
11:54am 1026.2mb
11:48am 1026.3mb
11:24am 1026.4mb
11:18am 1026.7mb
11:12am 1026.9mb
10:54am 1027.1mb
10:48am 1027.4mb
10:42am 1027.4mb
10:36am 1027.4mb
10:30am 1027.7mb
10:24am 1027.8mb
10:18am 1028mb
10:12am 1028.1mb
10:06am 1028mb
10:00am 1028.1mb
9:54am 1028.1mb
9:48am 1028.2mb
9:42am 1028.3mb
9:36am 1028.2mb
9:30am 1028.3mb
9:24am 1028.4mb
9:18am 1028.3mb
9:12am 1028.3mb
9:06am 1028.5mb
9:00am 1028.7mb
8:54am 1028.8mb
8:48am 1028.9mb
8:42am 1029mb
8:36am 1028.9mb
8:30am 1028.9mb
8:24am 1028.9mb
8:18am 1028.7mb
8:12am 1028.8mb
8:06am 1028.7mb
8:00am 1028.7mb
7:54am 1028.9mb
7:48am 1028.9mb
7:42am 1029.1mb
7:36am 1029.3mb
7:30am 1029.2mb
7:24am 1029mb
7:18am 1029.4mb
7:12am 1029.4mb
7:00am 1029.8mb
6:48am 1029.7mb
6:42am 1029.9mb
6:36am 1029.9mb
6:30am 1030mb
6:24am 1030mb
6:18am 1030.2mb
6:12am 1030mb
6:06am 1030.1mb
6:00am 1030.5mb
5:54am 1030.6mb
5:48am 1030.6mb
5:42am 1030.8mb
5:36am 1030.4mb
5:30am 1030.5mb
5:24am 1031mb
5:18am 1030.9mb
5:12am 1030.9mb
5:06am 1030.7mb
5:00am 1030.8mb
4:48am 1031.1mb
4:42am 1031.3mb
4:36am 1031.5mb
4:30am 1031.6mb
4:24am 1031.7mb
4:18am 1031.9mb
4:12am 1032.1mb
4:06am 1032mb
4:00am 1032.1mb
3:48am 1032.7mb
3:36am 1032.9mb
3:30am 1033mb
3:24am 1033.2mb
3:18am 1033.2mb
3:12am 1033.5mb
3:06am 1033.7mb
3:00am 1033.8mb
2:54am 1033.8mb
2:48am 1033.8mb
2:42am 1034mb
2:36am 1034.2mb
2:30am 1034.3mb
2:24am 1034.3mb
2:18am 1034.2mb
2:12am 1034.4mb
2:06am 1034.5mb
2:00am 1034.6mb
1:54am 1034.5mb
1:42am 1034.6mb
1:36am 1034.4mb
1:30am 1034.7mb
1:18am 1034.6mb
1:06am 1034.9mb
1:00am 1035mb
12:30am 1035.6mb
12:24am 1035.7mb
12:18am 1035.9mb
12:12am 1036.2mb
12:06am 1036.2mb
12:00am 1036.3mb
Tue 01/22 11:30pm 1036.4mb
11:24pm 1036.6mb
11:18pm 1036.6mb
11:12pm 1036.5mb
11:06pm 1036.6mb
11:00pm 1036.7mb
10:54pm 1036.6mb
10:48pm 1036.6mb
10:42pm 1036.5mb
10:36pm 1036.6mb
10:30pm 1036.5mb
10:24pm 1036.4mb
10:18pm 1036.2mb
10:12pm 1036.2mb
10:06pm 1036.4mb
10:00pm 1036.4mb
9:54pm 1036.4mb
9:48pm 1036.4mb
9:42pm 1036.3mb
9:36pm 1036.5mb
9:30pm 1036.9mb
9:24pm 1037mb
9:18pm 1037.1mb
9:12pm 1037mb
9:06pm 1036.9mb
9:00pm 1037.1mb
8:54pm 1037.4mb
8:48pm 1037.6mb
8:42pm 1037.5mb
8:36pm 1037.5mb
8:18pm 1037.6mb
8:12pm 1037.5mb
8:06pm 1037.5mb
8:00pm 1037.7mb
7:54pm 1037.7mb
7:48pm 1037.6mb
7:42pm 1037.7mb
7:36pm 1037.9mb
7:30pm 1038mb
7:24pm 1038mb
7:18pm 1038.2mb
7:12pm 1038.3mb
7:06pm 1038.2mb
7:00pm 1038.1mb
6:54pm 1038mb
6:48pm 1038mb
6:42pm 1037.8mb
6:36pm 1037.9mb
6:30pm 1037.9mb
6:24pm 1038mb
6:18pm 1037.8mb
6:12pm 1038mb
6:06pm 1038.1mb
6:00pm 1038.2mb
5:54pm 1038.2mb
5:48pm 1038.1mb
5:42pm 1038.1mb
5:36pm 1038mb
5:30pm 1037.8mb
5:24pm 1037.9mb
5:18pm 1037.8mb
5:12pm 1038mb
5:06pm 1038.1mb
5:00pm 1038mb
4:54pm 1038mb
4:48pm 1038.2mb
4:42pm 1038.1mb
4:36pm 1038mb
4:30pm 1038.2mb
4:24pm 1038.2mb
4:18pm 1038.2mb
4:12pm 1038.2mb
4:06pm 1038.3mb
4:00pm 1038.4mb
3:54pm 1038.2mb
3:48pm 1038.1mb
3:42pm 1038mb
3:36pm 1038.1mb
3:30pm 1038.1mb
3:24pm 1038.4mb
3:18pm 1038.6mb
3:12pm 1038.8mb
3:06pm 1038.9mb
3:00pm 1038.7mb
2:54pm 1038.6mb
2:48pm 1038.8mb
2:42pm 1038.6mb
2:36pm 1038.8mb
2:30pm 1038.8mb
2:24pm 1038.8mb
2:18pm 1038.7mb
2:12pm 1038.7mb
2:06pm 1038.9mb
2:00pm 1038.9mb
1:54pm 1039mb
1:48pm 1039mb
1:42pm 1039.1mb
1:36pm 1039mb
1:30pm 1039.1mb
1:24pm 1039mb
1:18pm 1038.8mb
1:12pm 1039mb
1:06pm 1039.1mb
1:00pm 1039mb
12:54pm 1039.2mb
12:48pm 1039.2mb
12:42pm 1039.3mb
12:36pm 1039.3mb
12:30pm 1039.3mb
12:24pm 1039.3mb
12:18pm 1039.5mb
12:12pm 1039.6mb
12:06pm 1039.6mb
12:00pm 1039.7mb
11:54am 1039.9mb
11:48am 1040.2mb
11:42am 1040.4mb
11:36am 1040.5mb
11:30am 1040.5mb
11:24am 1040.5mb
11:18am 1040.5mb
11:12am 1040.6mb
11:06am 1040.7mb
11:00am 1040.8mb
10:54am 1040.7mb
10:48am 1040.8mb
10:42am 1040.9mb
10:36am 1040.9mb
10:30am 1041mb
10:24am 1041mb
10:18am 1040.9mb
10:12am 1040.6mb
10:06am 1040.5mb
10:00am 1040.2mb
9:54am 1040.2mb
9:48am 1040.2mb
9:42am 1040.1mb
9:36am 1040mb
9:30am 1039.9mb
9:24am 1040mb
9:18am 1040mb
9:12am 1039.9mb
9:06am 1039.8mb
9:00am 1039.7mb
8:54am 1039.8mb
8:48am 1039.9mb
8:42am 1039.9mb
8:36am 1040mb
8:30am 1039.8mb
8:24am 1039.8mb
8:18am 1039.8mb
8:12am 1039.7mb
8:06am 1039.6mb
8:00am 1039.3mb
7:54am 1039.4mb
7:48am 1039.6mb
7:42am 1039.3mb
7:36am 1039.1mb
7:30am 1039mb
7:24am 1038.8mb
7:18am 1038.8mb
7:12am 1038.6mb
7:06am 1038.6mb
7:00am 1038.6mb
6:54am 1038.4mb
6:48am 1038.4mb
6:42am 1038.4mb
6:36am 1038.3mb
6:30am 1038.3mb
6:24am 1038.2mb
6:18am 1037.8mb
6:12am 1037.6mb
6:06am 1037.7mb
6:00am 1037.5mb
5:48am 1037.3mb
5:42am 1037.4mb
5:36am 1037.4mb
5:30am 1037.4mb
5:24am 1037.4mb
5:18am 1037.1mb
5:12am 1037mb
5:06am 1037mb
5:00am 1036.8mb
4:54am 1036.9mb
4:48am 1037mb
4:42am 1037.1mb
4:36am 1037.2mb
4:30am 1037.1mb
4:24am 1036.8mb
4:18am 1037mb
4:12am 1037mb
4:06am 1037mb
4:00am 1037mb
3:54am 1037mb
3:48am 1037mb
3:42am 1036.9mb
3:36am 1036.8mb
3:30am 1036.7mb
3:24am 1036.6mb
3:18am 1036.5mb
3:12am 1036.4mb
3:06am 1036.4mb
3:00am 1036.4mb
2:54am 1036.4mb
2:48am 1036.3mb
2:42am 1036.1mb
2:36am 1035.8mb
2:30am 1035.5mb
2:24am 1035.6mb
2:18am 1035.6mb
2:12am 1035.6mb
2:06am 1035.6mb
2:00am 1035.4mb
1:54am 1035.2mb
1:48am 1035.3mb
1:42am 1035mb
1:30am 1034.8mb
1:24am 1034.7mb
1:18am 1034.7mb
1:12am 1034.5mb
1:06am 1034.3mb
1:00am 1034.2mb
12:54am 1034.2mb
12:48am 1034mb
12:42am 1034.1mb
12:36am 1034mb
12:30am 1033.8mb
12:24am 1033.6mb
12:18am 1033.6mb
12:12am 1033.5mb
12:06am 1033.7mb
12:00am 1033.6mb
Mon 01/21 11:54pm 1033.6mb
11:48pm 1033.5mb
11:42pm 1033.6mb
11:36pm 1033.4mb
11:30pm 1033.4mb
11:24pm 1033.4mb
11:18pm 1033.3mb
11:06pm 1033.2mb
10:48pm 1033.1mb
10:42pm 1033mb
10:36pm 1032.8mb
10:18pm 1032.6mb
10:12pm 1032.4mb
10:06pm 1032.3mb
10:00pm 1032mb
9:54pm 1032mb
9:48pm 1031.9mb
9:24pm 1031.7mb
9:18pm 1031.7mb
9:12pm 1031.6mb
9:06pm 1031.7mb
9:00pm 1031.7mb
8:54pm 1031.6mb
8:42pm 1031.6mb
8:30pm 1031.3mb
8:24pm 1031.1mb
8:18pm 1030.9mb
8:12pm 1030.9mb
8:06pm 1030.7mb
8:00pm 1030.4mb
7:54pm 1030.4mb
7:48pm 1030.2mb
7:42pm 1030mb
7:36pm 1030.1mb
7:30pm 1030mb
7:24pm 1029.8mb
7:18pm 1029.6mb
7:12pm 1029.5mb
7:06pm 1029.3mb
7:00pm 1029.2mb
6:54pm 1029.1mb
6:48pm 1029.2mb
6:42pm 1029mb
6:36pm 1028.8mb
6:30pm 1028.8mb
6:24pm 1028.7mb
6:18pm 1028.6mb
6:12pm 1028.3mb
6:06pm 1028.3mb
6:00pm 1028.2mb
5:54pm 1028mb
5:48pm 1027.8mb
5:42pm 1027.6mb
5:36pm 1027.5mb
5:30pm 1027.5mb
5:24pm 1027.4mb
5:18pm 1027.3mb
5:06pm 1027mb
4:54pm 1026.8mb
4:48pm 1026.6mb
4:42pm 1026.4mb
4:36pm 1026.5mb
4:30pm 1026.3mb
4:24pm 1026mb
4:18pm 1025.9mb
4:12pm 1025.8mb
4:06pm 1025.8mb
4:00pm 1025.7mb
3:54pm 1025.7mb
3:48pm 1025.5mb
3:42pm 1025.6mb
3:36pm 1025.3mb
3:30pm 1025.2mb
3:24pm 1024.9mb
3:18pm 1025mb
3:12pm 1025mb
3:06pm 1024.8mb
3:00pm 1024.8mb
2:54pm 1024.5mb
2:48pm 1024.4mb
2:42pm 1024.4mb
2:36pm 1024.5mb
2:30pm 1024.4mb
2:24pm 1024.5mb
2:18pm 1024.4mb
2:12pm 1024.2mb
2:06pm 1024mb
2:00pm 1024.1mb
1:54pm 1024.1mb
1:48pm 1024mb
1:42pm 1024.1mb
1:36pm 1024mb
1:30pm 1023.9mb
1:24pm 1023.8mb
1:18pm 1023.7mb
1:12pm 1023.6mb
1:06pm 1023.7mb
1:00pm 1023.5mb
12:54pm 1023.4mb
12:48pm 1023.3mb
12:42pm 1023.2mb
12:36pm 1023.4mb
12:30pm 1023.2mb
12:24pm 1023.3mb
12:18pm 1023.1mb
12:12pm 1023mb
12:06pm 1023.2mb
12:00pm 1023.3mb
11:54am 1023.1mb
11:48am 1022.9mb
11:42am 1023mb
11:36am 1023.2mb
11:30am 1023.3mb
11:24am 1023.2mb
11:18am 1023.1mb
11:06am 1023.1mb
11:00am 1023.1mb
10:54am 1023.1mb
10:48am 1023mb
10:42am 1022.8mb
10:36am 1022.6mb
10:30am 1022.5mb
10:24am 1022.4mb
10:18am 1022.5mb
10:12am 1022.4mb
10:06am 1022.4mb
10:00am 1022.4mb
9:54am 1022.3mb
9:48am 1022.3mb
9:42am 1022.2mb
9:36am 1022.2mb
9:24am 1021.7mb
9:12am 1021.3mb
9:06am 1021.2mb
8:54am 1020.9mb
8:42am 1020.9mb
8:36am 1020.6mb
8:30am 1020.5mb
8:24am 1020.3mb
8:18am 1020.3mb
8:12am 1020.2mb
8:06am 1020mb
8:00am 1019.9mb
7:54am 1020.1mb
7:48am 1019.9mb
7:42am 1019.8mb
7:36am 1019.8mb
7:30am 1019.6mb
7:24am 1019.5mb
7:12am 1019.3mb
7:06am 1019.1mb
7:00am 1018.9mb
6:54am 1018.9mb
6:48am 1018.6mb
6:42am 1018.7mb
6:36am 1018.6mb
6:30am 1018.4mb
6:24am 1018.3mb
6:18am 1018.1mb
6:12am 1017.9mb
6:06am 1017.8mb
6:00am 1017.8mb
5:48am 1017.6mb
5:42am 1017.5mb
5:24am 1017.1mb
5:18am 1017.1mb
5:12am 1017mb
5:06am 1016.9mb
5:00am 1016.8mb
4:54am 1016.7mb
4:48am 1016.5mb
4:42am 1016.5mb
4:36am 1016.4mb
4:30am 1016.2mb
4:24am 1016.2mb
4:18am 1016.1mb
4:12am 1016mb
4:06am 1016mb
4:00am 1015.9mb
3:54am 1015.7mb
3:30am 1015.5mb
3:12am 1015.6mb
3:06am 1015.5mb
3:00am 1015.4mb
2:54am 1015.5mb
2:48am 1015.4mb
2:42am 1015.4mb
2:36am 1015.2mb
2:30am 1015.2mb
2:24am 1015.2mb
2:18am 1015mb
1:54am 1014.5mb
1:48am 1014.4mb
1:42am 1014.1mb
1:36am 1014.1mb
1:30am 1014mb
1:24am 1013.8mb
1:18am 1013.7mb
1:12am 1013.7mb
1:06am 1013.6mb
1:00am 1013.4mb
12:54am 1013.1mb
12:48am 1013.1mb
12:42am 1012.9mb
12:36am 1013mb
12:30am 1012.9mb
12:18am 1012.5mb
12:12am 1012.2mb
12:06am 1011.9mb
12:00am 1011.9mb
Sun 01/20 11:54pm 1011.7mb
11:48pm 1011.8mb
11:42pm 1011.6mb
11:36pm 1011.6mb
11:30pm 1011.5mb
11:24pm 1011.5mb
11:18pm 1011.5mb
11:12pm 1011.5mb
11:06pm 1011.2mb
11:00pm 1011.2mb
10:54pm 1010.9mb
10:48pm 1010.8mb
10:42pm 1010.8mb
10:36pm 1010.7mb
10:30pm 1010.4mb
10:24pm 1010.2mb
10:18pm 1010.2mb
10:12pm 1010mb
10:06pm 1009.8mb
10:00pm 1009.8mb
9:54pm 1009.5mb
9:48pm 1009.3mb
9:42pm 1009mb
9:36pm 1008.9mb
9:30pm 1008.7mb
9:24pm 1008.5mb
9:18pm 1008.4mb
9:12pm 1008.4mb
9:06pm 1008.3mb
9:00pm 1008.2mb
8:54pm 1008mb
8:48pm 1007.8mb
8:42pm 1007.8mb
8:36pm 1007.6mb
8:30pm 1007.5mb
8:24pm 1007.3mb
8:18pm 1007mb
8:12pm 1006.7mb
8:06pm 1006.6mb
8:00pm 1006.6mb
7:48pm 1006.3mb
7:42pm 1006.3mb
7:36pm 1006.1mb
7:30pm 1005.9mb
7:24pm 1005.6mb
7:18pm 1005.5mb
7:00pm 1005mb
6:54pm 1005mb
6:48pm 1005mb
6:42pm 1004.8mb
6:36pm 1004.7mb
6:30pm 1004.5mb
6:24pm 1004.4mb
6:18pm 1004.2mb
6:12pm 1004.2mb
6:06pm 1003.8mb
6:00pm 1003.4mb
5:54pm 1003.4mb
5:48pm 1003.4mb
5:42pm 1003.2mb
5:36pm 1003.1mb
5:30pm 1002.8mb
5:24pm 1002.7mb
5:18pm 1002.4mb
5:12pm 1002.1mb
5:06pm 1002mb
5:00pm 1001.8mb
4:54pm 1001.5mb
4:48pm 1001.3mb
4:42pm 1001.3mb
4:36pm 1001.2mb
4:30pm 1001mb
4:24pm 1000.9mb
4:18pm 1000.7mb
4:12pm 1000.5mb
4:06pm 1000.3mb
4:00pm 1000mb
3:54pm 999.7mb
3:48pm 999.6mb
3:42pm 999.5mb
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