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Aganoa is both a bowly righthander and screaming fast left situated right in front of the family run surf camp. The shorter rights can A-frame heavily, with barrels from take-off, before skirting the reef and bending through to an inside shut-down section where a coral head lurks. The lefts fly down the line with backdoor barrels aplenty, but no defined channel and nasty fingers of coral populate the straight reef. Swell direction dictates whether it is a nice barrel or a nasty close-out. Strong SE trades mess up both waves, but E should be cross-shore and fine.

Adept intermediates will handle the rights at mid to high tides until size makes it an experts only challenge and the left works at low on small swells. Surf camp crowds are low and mellow, as they have plenty more south coast options within an hour’s drive like Middles peak, K-Land lefts, The Cross and Coconut Grove, which is offshore in the SE trades. There's also an inside left in the lagoon for the groms.

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