About Antanosy

Despite Madagascar being one of the most uncrowded and potentially epic surf zones on the planet, it has been kept off the surfing map mainly because of a reputation for shark infested waters. Recently, intrepid travellers have started to explore the 800km (500mi) strip across the south between Fort Dauphin and Tulear and discovered that it isn't actually that sharky. Fort Dauphin is the regional hub of the far south east, located on a peninsular with the sea on three sides at the bottom of the eastern mountain range. It is a beautiful place to visit as well as being home to a wide range of wave types.


  • Uncrowded spots

  • Beach and reefbreaks

  • Consistent swells

  • Cheap local costs

  • Hospitable people


  • Shark threat

  • Windy Sept to Nov

  • Expensive flights & 4WD hire

  • Poor roads

Surf Spots