Antofagasta Surfing

About Antofagasta

Much like Chile itself, the city of Antofagasta is long and narrow, sandwiched between the mighty Pacific Ocean and the lofty Andes mountains. The largest city of the Norte Grande region, Antofagasta lays just 10km (6mi) south of the Tropic of Capricorn. With 20km (12mi) of sandy beaches scattered among rocky coves, this port town is increasingly turning into a beach resort, but still lacks attractiveness for the tourist masses. It's also off the beaten path for surfers, who tend to congregate at the northern cities of Arica and Iquique. Things may change with the completion of the Ruta 1 coastal highway which makes the 400km (250mi) long Iquique-Antofagasta stretch of coastline much more accessible.


  • Great left pointbreaks

  • Consistent swell

  • Spot diversity

  • Never rains


  • Few rights

  • Cool water

  • Desert area

  • Lack of tourist interest

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