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Going from E to W, the first spot is Assinie, close to the Ghanaian border. It’s the most popular surf destination in the country with easy beach break conditions and a French run surf camp. The wave at Assinie breaks fast and hollow, and always picks up any available swell, until it closes out over 5ft (1.5m). Winter conditions are usually 1-2ft (0.5m) and clean, which makes it an ideal place to learn to surf. Assinie beach break peels off quickly and needs the regular offshores to stop it being a straight-hander. When the swell gets over 4-6ft (1-2m), and Assinie is maxed out, then it’s necessary to head west, towards the point breaks. From Assinie westward to Mafia, there’s a 20km (12.5mi) stretch of empty beach breaks.

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