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Baleal Surf Camp is a Surf Camp in Peniche. Our goal is to provide high quality surfing holidays in an international atmosphere. We cater for absolute beginners or intermediate surfers looking to improve skills. Families, solo travelers and small groups are all welcome.

No driving necessary & surf packages with full use of the equipment.


Surf Centre - School & Beach Bar

Since 1997, Baleal Surf Camp has had its Surf Center, situated on Cantinho da Baía beach. Our guests and surf course participants meet up with their respective surfing instructors here.

Most of the times transportation is not necessary; all you have to do is a short 3 to 6min walk and you are at the beach, ready to start your surfing class. Easy and practical, no holiday time wasted shuttling around.

In our Surf Centre we run a Beach Bar, where you can grab a snack, drink a beer while gazing out at the magnificent view over Peniche bay and Berlengas Island Natural Reserve. Check your email or tweet your friends on our WiFi network.

The fact we hold such prime location allows us to offer our guests an excellent level of service and magnificent surfing holidays, value for money is a guarantee.


All of our lodges are a short walking distance to the beach, our surf centre & school. Fully furbished kitchens for self catering are available in all lodges, in 2013 sea view breakfast, lunch or dinner will become available with our packages.

Hostel - Shared dorms

The Surf Hostels in Baleal Peniche caters for people who prize meeting other guests and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere. At these lodges you'll sleep in a dorm. Supplement for twin dorms available.

We have free WiFi, laundry service, cable TV, DVD, surf board & wet suit safe storage area, "aprés surf" shower, surf board & wet suit hire, bike hire, shuttle from Peniche bus station. This lodge is litterally a stone throw away from the beach. There is a supermarket right next to it as well as restaurants and surf shops close by.

At the reception guests can get usefull information about the area and free Internet access as well as book a range of services available exclusively for them.

Apartment or Villas - Shared Twin rooms

For those who prize privacy and prefer more quite atmosphere we have Twin Rooms in Apartmnents or Villas. Supplement for individual private rooms.

We have lodges available for couples or families looking for an even more private and confortable accommodation. Ask us for a quote, all the lodges are within a short walking distance to the beach and our Surf Centre & Surf School.

There are available one bedroom apartments sleeping 2 to 4 bedroom villas sleeping 8; let us know what you need.


Our Surf School was the first in Peniche and its main goal is to teach safe surfing using only adequate gear and to offer highly dynamic, fun classes that continuously focus on pupils’ progress. Qualified instructors and quality equipment is what you can expect.

We operate on a beach that has an area reserved for our surf classes. On our surf school we are able to run our courses on this beach under confortable and safe conditions.

During the June to end of October period our beach has a life guard on stand. Conditions are ideal for children and family classes. The vibe is international and you will meet people from all over Europe and the World, all enjoying the Ocean energy. You can expect to meet mostly solo travelers and small groups of friends as well as surf enjoying families.


The Peniche region is known for a great consistency in swell and sevral great options for learning surfers. There are not many occasions when you will be unable to get good enough waves. Since 2009 the ASP has chosen Peniche for a WCT event. Initially with the Rip Curl Pro Search and since 2010 with a permanent stop, an unquestionable proof of the region's surf potential for the advanced suerfers as well.

Depending on the condition of the ocean on a particular day, there are potentially about 20 surf spots available within a 15-km radius and, therefore, it almost always possible to find a wave that is adequate for your particular level of surfing skill.

Peniche is also famous for it's fish and sea food, one of the largest fishing harbors in Portugal plus a strongly bonded to the sea community ensures you will have the very best at hand. Ask us where to eat, what we recommend has the same quality standard we appreciate.

The region has a ancient history connected with the Atlantic and the surrounding some outstanding land marks from medieval ages such as Óbidos village or the gothic Monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça, the first fully gothic work erected on Portuguese soil.

Another interesting place to visit is the Quinta dos Loridos Oriental Garden; this 35Ha farm has been decorated with statues of marble, terracotta and granite and artificial lake all with Buddhist/Oriental themes. This farm originally from 1430 is still the place of production of one of the Portuguese best “champagne” wines and it’s possible to visit the wine cellars where they age the wine. There are other points of interest, ask us for more information.

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