About Blackies

A popular beach break tucked between the 28th Street jetty and the Newport Pier, Blackies has a storied history dating back to the early 1960s, but more recently became the center of the Newport logging scene. Peaky sand bars provide short, fast sections for noseriding when small, while hollow corners serve up barrels and bangable sections when the swell fills in.

Source: Blackies Surf Guide

Ability Level

All Abilities

Beg Int Adv

Everyone from total novices to pro longboarders and high-performance shredders.

Local Vibe


Welcoming Intimidating

Crowded enough that localism doesn't really matter, although there has definitely been a hierarchy in place for decades.

Crowd Factor


Mellow Heavy

This is the heart of Newport Beach's hipster surf culture, so it gets busy.

Spot Rating


Poor Perfect

A regional classic, Blackies is the quintessential Newport beach break.

Shoulder Burn


Light Exhausting

You'll deal with a bit of current during long-period swells.

Water Quality


Clean Dirty

Stays relatively clean as long as there isn't runoff from rainstorms.

Additional Information


Crowds, leashless longboards, rocks, pier supports.


Pay for parking and paddle out between the pier and the jetty.

Bring Your

Shortboard, fish, funboard, longboard, bodyboard


Sand bar fed by a nearby jetty and pier.

Best Season

Autumn typically provides a combination of south and west swells, as well as ideal wind and weather conditions.

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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