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Looking down from the mirantes (viewpoints), Cacimba do Padre appears as a picturesque tropical beach with perfect clean waves in crystal clear water, against the backdrop of the gnarled volcanic brothers known as the Dois Irmãoes. This is the most consistent spot on the island and the swell can be doubled in size here, reaching heights of up to 15ft (5m) offering huge, cavernous barrels, before shutting down hard on the fine-sand beach. With enough NW-N swell, it starts breaking on an outside shelf and rolls left through to the inside, getting meaner all the way. There are rights as well, but most of the action is concentrated on the longer, more makeable lefts. Smaller, peakier swells can see a high tide left, wedge off the base of the rocks, but no matter what the size, Cacimba is always hollow and powerful.

During the pro contest, crowds explode, but midweek mornings will see a handful of tube-hunters. Beginners should stay closer to town and experienced surfers should take a couple of fast, strong boards, just in case. There are a few more spots dotted around the islands, but with a maximum tourist capacity of 450 people at any one time, there's little need to explore.

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