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One of the best (old school with a lot of surf history) sandy/flat storm beach\'s in Kent, that picks up any good swell pushing up the English channel that also effect Wittering or Brighton. breaks halfway up to high tide then half way down. with good shouldering waves that break\'s slowly over many sand bars (plus the one down by the river mouth which can be good if wind is on shore) all along this section and is especially good for stand up paddle boarding. \r\n\r\nSurf is best 2 to 3 hrs before high tide, then the first 2 to 3 hours after high tide. Best locations; if windy harbour wall end, furthest walk to the west of the beach, towards Rye Harbour river approach. If less windy or better still off-shore, then Jury\'s Gap beach, which is to the east end of Camber Sands Bay, Stony Beach (close to kitesurf centre). Sandettie wave buoy is a relevant buoy for this spot.

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