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Oregon has two ‘legendary’ spots. Seaside Point is the left, this is the right. A solid cobble and table rock reef near the protruding headland hosts a classic righthander when conditions are perfect. Best on a W swell. Outside kelp beds help smooth things out too. Just about the cleanest and clearest water in Oregon. Otherwise, most of the action is beachbreak, much like anywhere else in Oregon, but conveniently windshadowed by the longest cape on the coast. Sometimes a good left breaks into the channel between the beachbreak and the point. Blows out on S wind. The north side has nice beachbreak too, which is naturally sheltered from winter S winds.

Due to limited swell window, Lookout is unpredictable and rarely does the 3mi (5km) walk pay off. Still, it’s beautiful. Surfing the south side may be Oregon’s version of the Palos Verdes Cove experience. Some of the local crew are hostile and have been known to steal gear left at the bottom of the trail, slash tires, and intentionally drop in on new faces. Surfing here involves leaving your car in the lot at the top and hoping it’s got wheels when (and if) you make it back up the daunting switchback trail. Call the cops if you have serious hassles. Access the north side through Cape Lookout Campground at the bottom of the cape.

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