Central Coast Surfing

About Central Coast

The Central Coast holds some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches the east coast of Australia has to offer. It has grown at a considerable rate over the last 10 years, and is nowadays a big magnet for tourism and a popular area for retirement. Conveniently located half way between Sydney and Newcastle (1hour from each), the Central Coast constitutes an attractive day-trip escape for many city dwellers. While more commuters move to the growing urbanized zones and the main coastal resorts attract more tourists, there are still many hidden treasures. Unspoiled beaches, rugged cliff faces, rock platforms and secluded bays can be found around every corner. There's a real diversity among the surf spots the Central Coast has to offer, with a mind-blowing array of waves for surfers of all standards, varying from fun peaking beachies to challenging world class reefbreaks and points.


  • + Concentration of spots

  • + Suits all levels

  • + Proximity to Sydney & Newcastle

  • + World-class reefs & big wave options

  • + Nice climate


  • ? Regular onshore sea breezes

  • ? Localism & tough line-ups

  • ? Good spots get crowded

  • ? Sharky waters

  • ? Pricey accommodation

Surf Spots