Central Sumbawa Surfing

About Central Sumbawa

While many of the charter boats leaving Bali head west towards Nusa Tenggara, they usually only make it as far as the west coast of Sumbawa, so to get to the fabled waves of Teluk Cempi Bay in Central Sumbawa means a long, tedious journey by plane and taxi from Bali. Just south of Hu'u, Lakey (Lakai) Beach, is a long, wide, palm-lined stretch of ivory sand, fronted by reef. Since its discovery by Australian surfers in the mid '80s, Hu'u has been known to offer a varied selection of waves for every ability & taste. This area has produced some local stars like Dedi Gun, Joey Barrel and 2006 National Indonesian GromSearch winner, One Anwar. The total number of visiting surfers in the area can hit 150-200, especially when early morning high tides are happening, producing the best waves in glassy conditions. An extensive 500m wide lagoon needs to be negotiated to get out to the reef, and at low tide some more rock-hopping is required.


  • Density of world-class spots

  • Consistent conditions

  • Lefts and rights

  • Dry surf season

  • Cheap, exotic, low traffic Indo


  • Sometimes very windy

  • Long paddles & tricky low tides

  • Crowds

  • Tough public transport access

  • Not much around

Surf Spots