Colima and Michoacan Surfing

About Colima and Michoacan

With almost 4,000k's (2,500mi) of Pacific coastline facing directly into SW swells, and a deep water trench to funnel this swell energy, mainland Mexico is a classic surf destination. It receives ample swell from both the North and South Pacific, whilst the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone produces the strongest hurricane swells on earth. These slam into the numerous beaches, rocky headlands, rivermouths and points of Mexico, providing the biggest surfable waves in Central America. Colima and Michoacan States have their fair share of waves, which can be as heavy as the bandits and corrupt Federales who are always ready to relieve travellers of their money and possessions.


  • Big swell consistency

  • Calm wind patterns

  • Uncrowded, barrelling waves

  • Cheap and exotic


  • Summer swell excess

  • Wet summer climate

  • Muddy road access

  • Mosquitoes and bandidos

Surf Spots