Eastern Luzon Surfing

About Eastern Luzon

The Philippines are notorious for long, arduous journeys to way out there coastal villages, where fickle reefs awaiting just the right typhoon swell to ignite. Despite being located on the main island of Luzon, the town of Baler is no exception, taking the adventurous over the rolling Sierra Madre mountain range in the province of Aurora. This nerve jangling road trip is a spectacular visual delight passing waterfalls, rivers and a lush cloak of tropical forest full of biodiversity. The surfing scene in Apocalypse Now was filmed in Baler at Charlie's Point and when the film crew departed, they left there surfboards behind. The locals took to surfing with a passion and it is no surprise that Edmund Mendoza, the first national surf champion, came from Baler, the birthplace of Philippine surfing. The crowd scene is still fairly mellow with about 50 surfers and only 20 surfboards, while surf quality is marginally better than what is shown in the movie.


  • Frequent NE monsoon swells

  • Variety of reefs & beachies

  • Scenic Sierra mountains Really cheap & entertaining

  • Scenic Sierra mountains

  • Pinoy surf culture


  • No world-class waves

  • Occasional crowds

  • Onshore beachbreaks

  • Tough overland access

  • Landslides, rains, robbery

Surf Spots