Eastern Samar Surfing

About Eastern Samar

Out of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, Samar is the 3rd largest volcanic island. It was once the largest province in the Visayas until it was divided into three provinces: Western, Eastern and Northern Samar. Amongst these provinces of Region VIII, Northern and Eastern Samar boasts some undiscovered surf potential. Eastern Samar itself is 150km (94mi) long and only 40km (25mi) wide. The province has a rough and hilly terrain covered by lush tropical vegetation, with some 200-300m (600-900ft) mountains and a few narrow strips of lowland. Borongan, the provincial capital with 50,000 people, lies some 550km (360mi) of Manila and 65km (40mi) NW of Tacloban City, the capital of Eastern Visayas. Predominantly a pristine area, as a local Borogan surfer said during the Eastern Samar Inaugural Surfing Crown in September 2000, ?we haven't even explored 30% of Samar waves. Photographer John Callahan has led boat expeditions from Siargao and made discoveries like the 'Philippine Dream.'


  • Typhoons and windswells

  • Undiscovered quality breaks

  • Warm and tropical

  • Cheap and lively


  • Erratic Typhoon swells

  • Messy wiindswells

  • Heavy rains

  • No tourist infastructure

  • Time consuming travel

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