Hobart Surfing

About Hobart

Until April 2001, not much was known about Tasmania's waves. Australia's 6th state, a 300km (188mi) long triangular island was, until around 10,000 years ago, joined to the mainland but it is now about 240km (150mi) away across a shallow sea, the Bass Strait. Tassie was put on the map when Drew Courtney, Mark Matthews and Kieren Perrow scored an horrendous right ledge on the Tasman Peninsula vaguely named VD Land (Tasmania was originally known as Van Dieman's Land). Like Jeff Clark with Mavericks, a tall and quiet guy named Andrew Campbell rode the waves for years before the spot got worldwide exposure. It is a Teahupoo-like right, without the contest and tropical allure, but with awesome triple lips and huge screaming barrels. The majority of surfers will be seeking less life-threatening spots and Hobart makes a good base to explore from.


  • Roaring forties exposure

  • Variety of beach and points

  • Peninsulas and indented coast

  • Uncrowded and mountainous


  • Windy and chilly winter surf

  • Occasionally flat SE coast

  • Slow access

  • Expensive to get there

Surf Spots