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Last Updated: Thu 1st Jan - 00:00
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About this Forecast

The storm track on this page is supplied by the National Hurricane Center using an interpretation of a range of forecasts they have available. As surfers we're interested only really in the swell a storm creates so underneath it is a swell chart for the storm. This swell chart (in the case of the North Atlantic Hurricane or North Pacific Hurricane) is produced from a special model forecast that interprets more accurately the very strong winds likely at the center of a powerful tropical storm. None the less where the storm track is from a composite of different forecasts the charts are one very specific forecast so these may differ a little.

Other charts don't make specific allowance for Tropical Storms and may under estimate the swell produced.

On the right for Atlantic Storms is a summary of near beach swell conditions as the storm progresses. Again this uses a special set of data that more accurately models the swell predicted from strong, small storms. Clicking a location takes you to a specific and detailed forecast for that location. This might differ from the normal data for your local spot which can under call for Tropical Storm swells.