Inhambane Province Surfing

About Inhambane Province

Thanks to images of war, floods, disease, land mines and a population wracked by AIDS, Mozambique probably doesn't rate on most surfers' wish lists. Times have changed and the war is a fading memory, the land mines have been cleared from the main tourist zones and despite their tragic past, the inspirational people of Mozambique have come through it all smiling. As for the waves, there's roughly 2,500 km (1,560mi) of coastline, most of which receives ample, seasonal swell and almost no crowds. If you're after a surf explorer's paradise then Mozambique could fit the bill perfectly. Famous breaks like Ponta D'Ouro, a fabulous right point nestled up against the South African border, or Ilha de Inhaca, an island right near the capital, Maputo, both suffer from inconsistency and isolation. For the travelling surfer after quality and consistency, the best area to focus on is probably Inhambane province, a 6hr drive from Maputo.


  • Fast, hollow waves

  • Warm water

  • No crowds

  • Friendly people

  • Cheap


  • Frequent onshores

  • Lack of spot density

  • Inconsistent

  • Malaria and AIDS

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