Lagoons Spot Guide

About Lagoons

Nine ferries a day make the 20min journey from Hobart to Bruny Island, home of some big waves that hold size better than most Tassie breaks. Furthest west is a rivermouth spot called Lagoons, where potentially long rights can be witnessed with a big swell, the right sandbank, higher tides and W-NW winds.

Really inconsistent as it is quite tucked into the corner of the bay and the beachies will usually be bigger.

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  • Stormrider Guide for Lagoons
  • Mid to High Tide Mid to High Tide
  • Rivermouth break with right-hander Rivermouth break with right-hander
  • Sand Sand
  • SE - SW SE - SW
  • North Westerly North Westerly
  • 8 1 Swell Range 1 - 8ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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