Lajes Acores (08509) Weather Station

11:00pm - Wed 22nd Nov 2017 All times are AZOT. -1 hours from GMT.

  • Air Temp 61°f
  • Sea Pressure 1007mb
  • Lajes Acores
  • Lajes Acores

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Comparision Forecast

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Wed 11/22 11:00pm  -  mph 1007mb 61f
10:00pm  -  mph 1007mb 61f
9:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 59f
8:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 59f
7:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 57f
6:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 63f
5:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 64f
4:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 64f
3:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 68f
2:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 66f
1:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 66f
12:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 64f
11:00am  -  mph 1009mb 64f
10:00am  -  mph 1009mb 64f
9:09am  -  mph 1009mb 61f
9:00am  -  mph 1009mb 61f
8:00am  -  mph 1008mb 64f
7:00am  -  mph 1007mb 61f
6:00am  -  mph 1007mb 61f
5:00am  -  mph 1007mb 61f
4:00am  -  mph 1008mb 61f
3:00am  -  mph 1008mb 61f
2:00am  -  mph 1008mb 63f
1:00am  -  mph 1008mb 61f
12:00am  -  mph 1009mb 63f
Tue 11/21 11:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 63f
10:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 61f
9:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 63f
8:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 63f
7:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 63f
6:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 63f
5:00pm  -  mph 1007mb 63f
4:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 66f
3:00pm  -  mph 1007mb 68f
2:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 70f
1:00pm  -  mph 1008mb 68f
12:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 68f
11:00am  -  mph 1009mb 64f
10:00am  -  mph 1009mb 64f
9:00am  -  mph 1009mb 59f
8:00am  -  mph 1009mb 59f
7:00am  -  mph 1008mb 57f
6:00am  -  mph 1008mb 59f
5:00am  -  mph 1008mb 59f
4:00am  -  mph 1008mb 57f
3:00am  -  mph 1008mb 59f
2:00am  -  mph 1009mb 59f
1:00am  -  mph 1009mb 55f
12:00am  -  mph 1009mb 57f
Mon 11/20 11:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 59f
10:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 61f
9:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 61f
8:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 61f
7:00pm  -  mph 1010mb 63f
6:00pm  -  mph 1010mb 61f
5:47pm  -  mph 1010mb 61f
5:00pm  -  mph 1010mb 63f
4:45pm  -  mph 1010mb 63f
4:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 68f
3:00pm  -  mph 1009mb 70f
2:00pm  -  mph 1010mb 72f
1:00pm  -  mph 1010mb 70f
12:00pm  -  mph 1011mb 68f
11:00am  -  mph 1011mb 68f
10:00am  -  mph 1011mb 63f
9:00am  -  mph 1011mb 64f
8:00am  -  mph 1010mb 63f
7:00am  -  mph 1010mb 61f
6:00am  -  mph 1009mb 61f
5:00am  -  mph 1009mb 59f
4:00am  -  mph 1009mb 59f
3:00am  -  mph 1010mb 59f
2:00am  -  mph 1010mb 59f
1:00am  -  mph 1010mb 61f
12:00am  -  mph 1010mb 61f
Sun 11/19 11:18pm  -  mph 1011mb 61f
11:00pm  -  mph 1010mb 61f
10:00pm  -  mph 1011mb 61f
9:00pm  -  mph 1011mb 63f
8:00pm  -  mph 1010mb 66f
7:00pm  -  mph 1011mb 64f
6:00pm  -  mph 1011mb 64f
5:00pm  -  mph 1011mb 66f
4:00pm  -  mph 1012mb 68f
3:00pm  -  mph 1011mb 68f
2:00pm  -  mph 1012mb 68f
1:00pm  -  mph 1012mb 68f
12:00pm  -  mph 1013mb 64f
11:00am  -  mph 1014mb 68f
10:00am  -  mph 1014mb 68f
9:00am  -  mph 1014mb 68f
8:00am  -  mph 1014mb 66f
7:00am  -  mph 1014mb 66f
6:00am  -  mph 1014mb 66f
5:00am  -  mph 1014mb 66f
4:00am  -  mph 1014mb 66f
3:00am  -  mph 1015mb 66f
2:00am  -  mph 1015mb 66f