About Lakey Peak

Perfect Lakey Peak peels off short, 30-40m lefts and rights into channels either side. The right will often throw up backdoor tube rides but gets too shallow at low tide, when the left is churning out predictable, ideal speed barrel rides. Mid tide lip-smacking sessions will appeal to intermediates and the flattish reef is user-friendly, except during full or new moon phases. Getting out to the Peak is easy with only a short 450m paddle or take the zodiac for around $2 return. Lakey Peak can hold juicy sized waves, but the optimum time to hit it is when it's in that perfect headhigh plus range.

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Stormrider Guide for Lakey Peak
  • All Tides All Tides
  • Submerged reef with peaky waves Submerged reef with peaky waves
  • Dead Coral Dead Coral
  • S - SW S - SW
  • Easterly Easterly
  • 10 2 Swell Range 2 - 10ft

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