Les Culs Nus Spot Guide

About Les Culs Nus

This long stretch of scalloped golden sand has earned a reputation as the best beachbreak in Europe, and one of the best in the world, for its tubes. Thick, meaty shorebreak barrels that'll leave you picking sand out of various orifices for weeks after a solid session. There's a huge trench offshore, not unlike Black's in San Diego, so the swell gets focused on the few miles of sand that make up Hossegor. But the tides in France are extreme (they can vary by 20 feet) and the sandbank that you surf in the morning will probably be a closeout shorepound by lunch. It's also prone to Atlantic flat spells.

Source: Les Culs Nus Surf Guide

Ability Level

Intermediate - advanced

Beg Int Adv

Intermediate to advanced

Local Vibe


Welcoming Intimidating

The locals surf well and know each other. If they don't know you, bring a healthy dose of humility and respect.

Crowd Factor


Mellow Heavy

Crowded and cosmopolitan; bigger beachbreak generally keeps 'em down though.

Spot Rating


Poor Perfect

World Class beachbreak tubes when it is on.

Shoulder Burn


Light Exhausting

A lot of work when it is pumping.

Water Quality


Clean Dirty

Can be very poor.

Additional Information


Poundings, strong sideshore currents.


Parking lot at Les Estagnots or park on the road in front of the peak of your choice. Stick to one of the many access trails, though -- the dunes are fragile ecosystems.

Bring Your

Shortboard, gun



Best Season


Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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