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Lighthouse Beach has staked a claim as the country's premier surfing destination since Kerala Tourism commissioned ASR to build a multi-purpose, artificial surf reef. Upon completion in early 2010, video footage of the new ‘Kovalam reef’ showed an organised, peeling lip line and a top to bottom power not usually associated with this coastline. Since the onset of the monsoon however, reports suggest that geo-textile bags have moved and the ‘reef’ at the southern end isn’t working as perfectly. Lighthouse is highly consistent and there are other peaks at the north end and centre of the beach. Best time is from November when the NE winds start until late season May, when the wave closes-out a lot and the wind swings SW-NW. Erosion is also a big factor and this beach and the reef will hopefully help with accretion.

Local surf numbers are growing thanks to Kovallam Surf Club and NGO S.I.S.P. who reward poverty stricken kids with free surf instruction/equipment if they attend school classes. Boards are available to rent and a positive local scene is emerging thanks to dedicated hard work from Europeans like Jelle Rigole. Travellers can help by donating any equipment to keep these kids in the water.

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