Lofoten Surfing

About Lofoten

Lofoten has received lots of media coverage thanks to its novelty value as a surf location inside the Arctic Circle. There's more than one class set-up but the lefts and rights of Unstadt are the focus of all the attention. Kvalnes, Eggum and Utakleiv are more breaks on Vestvågøy, beyond which is a journey into the unknown, with difficult access to many west coast possibilities. North of Lofoten the swell window decreases with the water temperature and cliffs line the north coast. The Barents Sea receives regular, short-lived swells from the N and NE with plenty of quality boulder reef and beach setups yet to be ridden all the way round to the Russian border. However the lack of any Gulf Stream influence on these east-facing coasts means serious wetsuits are necessary to negotiate the 3-4¡C water.


  • Long empty pointbreaks

  • Midnight sun

  • Unrivalled arctic scenery

  • Friendly vibe


  • Cold summer conditions

  • Short surfing season

  • Difficult coastal access

  • Super expensive

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