Luanda and Bengo Surfing

About Luanda and Bengo

It's impossible to talk about Angola without looking at the dismal political situation. Since its independence from Portugal in 1975, there have been nearly 30 years of civil war wreaking havoc all over the country. The political power resides with MPLA-PT, whose president is M. Dos Santos but since 1976, UNITA has waged devastating insurgency from bases in the SE. About 100,000 people have been killed, lowering average life expectancy to 38 years, in this western backed war for oil and diamonds. Angola probably rates as the worst mine affected country in the world, with 31 land mines per square mile, totalling 15 million. Fortunately, the surfing areas in Luanda and Bengo, are free of significant mine contamination and Angola is thought to be an African Peru, with a long coastline of unknown surf spots. Randy Rarick's 1974 article 'A day in the Past, a place for the Future', showed no surf pictures ('74 was the heyday of secret locations) despite having some good surfing shots. At this time, probably less than 100 waveriders had the privilege of enjoying these long mellow left pointbreaks in the Luanda South coastal lowlands.


  • Easy, long left pointbreaks

  • Consistent swells

  • Warmish water

  • Undiscovered


  • Windy, exposed spots

  • Costly flights and visas

  • No tourism infrastructure

  • Warm zone, land mines

  • Sharks and crocs

Surf Spots