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Machine-like, fun park left with all the rides. Barrel-riding, lip-smacking, air-popping and wall-gouging are religiously practiced by the hordes who come to ride the Mentawai’s most ripable and apparently the world’s funnest wave. The coral platform curves alluringly into the deep bay and the speed at which Macca’s peels is fairly predictable, starting with a perfect pipe section and often ending with a ruler-edge quarter pipe wall. Jostling at the take-off is a given and it is easy to get pushed too deep when it’s smaller. Looking further up the reef it sometimes looks doable and unlikely stories of pros making it right down the reef exist. The reef is sharp and shallow, but somehow less threatening than comparable depth spots. Getting caught inside will usually result in being flushed to the end if the sets are pouring through. Best at head and a half of SW swell, mid tide and E wind, it maxes out at double overhead, when the tubes go square, but will still be fun if there is a direct onshore SW wind. There’s a land camp, good anchorage, viewing tower and a constant supply of hungry surfers wanting their own plate of carbs!

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